Christian Women in Turkey – A History

A Survey of Notable Christian Women in Asia Minor and Anatolia from 33CE to 2021. 

Roman Provinces in what is now Turkey

Since 2017 I have been writing about notable Christian women who have lived from 33CE to the present day in what is now known as Turkey. In 33CE the country was part of the Roman Empire and then through the edict of Constantine the Great, the Emperor of the Roman Empire Christianity became the preferred religion. Constantine the great established Constantinople in what is now Istanbul and until 1453 that city was the capital of the Byzantine Empire. From 1453 to 1923 Constantinople became Istanbul the capital of the Ottoman Empire. In 1923 Turkey became a secular republic. Through all the different regimes and eras that have held sway in what is now known as Turkey there have been Christians living and working in the area.

Some of the stories of these Christian women are on this website. The finished book will contain 53 mini-biographies.

I am in the last stages of preparing my book about Christian Women for publication. The video below is a presentation about a small selection of these women that I made to my local church.

An overview of Christian Women in Turkey – A History.
A Survey of Notable Christian Women in Asia Minor and Anatolia from 33CE to the Present Day.

Thank you for your interest in Christian Women who have lived in modern day Turkey down the ages. The English version of this book should be available by October. It is hoped that a Turkish version will be available next year.

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  1. Thank you, Ros for helping to fill in an important part of church history in Turkey that has been too easily disregarded. Thank you for giving a voice we can hear to many of the “great cloud of witnesses.” May this endeavor encourage Christian women in Turkey and the church as a whole to fairly and boldly shine the light of Christ where they live.

  2. Excellent presentation! Wow what history for us to learn. Inspiring.
    Thank you for your work!

    1. Thanks Ann for your comment! Yes, a lot to think about when we look back on our Christian history.

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